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I will kill that doll. . . Even if it looks like my daughter. . .

—Yoshitatsu to himself

Yoshitatsu Kiryu
Japanese name桐生 善達
Romaji nameKiryu Yoshitatsu
Other namesHidden Man
AgeAround 50's or late 40's
Hair colorGrey
Eye colorGrey
OccupationDoll Maker
Cause of deathKilled by Akane Kiryu under the influence of the Twin Doll
Encountered inKiryu House, Hanging Doll Room
FamilyKiryu family
Akane and Azami Kiryu (daughters)
AppearancesFatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly

Voice actor
Jap. voice actor

Yoshitatsu Kiryu is a hostile male spirit in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. He is the father of Akane and Azami Kiryu.

Biography Edit

After his daughters preformed the the ritual, Akane (The Remaining) fell into deep depression. Her orbitals reflected the hues of pain and guilt, her heart engulfed with the shades of sorrow. Her father, Yoshitasu Kiryu started feeling sympathetic towards her. In order to ease his daughter's pain, he made a doll much alike her deceased twin. His pure intentions to draw a smile on his sad daughter face only brought the end of his bloodline and demise to the family.

Akane grew very attached to the doll her father made her, so attached that she began whispering in her ears and taking her wherever she goes. Soon, the doll is possessed by a malicious spirit. It controls the doll's movements. As though life has been brought to this doll.

In a dream, Azami tells her father that the doll is possessed and requests of him to throw it to the Hellish Abyss to free her sister from the doll's influence.

The doll fills Akane in her father's plan to destroy her, so she removes her arms and head and hides them away.

Yoshitatsu is determined to end the doll's life in order to save his only daughter. However, he is hesitant because the doll resembles his deceased daughter. He said that he will destroy it even if she looks like his daughter, even if it was like to kill her twice. Even if he loses his sight while doing so. (Those who look into the abyss lose their sight, the Mourners stitched their eye sockets to never look into the horrors of the Hellish Abyss.)

Unfortunately, due to Akane and the doll scheme, he fails to fulfill his duty and is chocked by the possessed Akane.


Below is displayed the ghost's info according to the game's official guidebook.

Chapter 6Edit

  • Location: Kiryu House / Hanging Doll Room
  • HP: 380
  • Strength: A

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