Yoshino Takigawa's Diary
Yoshino Takigawa's diary
Japanese name瀧川吉乃の日記
Romaji nameYoshino Takigawa no nikki
File typeDiary
DescriptionYoshino Takigawa's hospital journal. After her lover and family died, she wrote about her dreams.
Author/OwnerYoshino Takigawa
LocationRei Kurosawa's House (from Miku)
AppearancesFatal Frame III: The Tormented

Yoshino Takigawa's Diary is a diary file that Rei Kurosawa receives from Miku Hinasaki in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. Miku obtained the diary from the hospital staff at Katsuragi Hospital. During her stay at the hospital, Yoshino kept the diary in order to keep herself calm and avoid the nightmares. Miku hands the diary to Rei during the third night of Hour II, to aid in Rei's investigation.


8/10: Sunny

I heard it's good for the heart to write in a diary and have someone read it. By doing this maybe I'll stop seeing that terrible dream.
I'm sad being alone.
If I can have someone read this, in some way, maybe I will connect with them.

8/11: Cloudy

My family and Naoya died.
But being alone is more frightening than even that harsh fact.
More than the accident itself, being the one living afterwards, waiting endlessly--that was more frightening.
Left all alone, in the total darkness. A sweltering night, but freezing cold....

8/13: Cloudy

I had a nasty dream. Snow fell on an old abandoned house.
I'm all alone and lost, but they might all be in the house.
I can meet them. I sensed that.
If I go in I can meet them. They're calling me. But if I go in, I may not be able to return. But if that's what he wants....

8/18: Cloudy

Bit by bit, I go in deeper. I'm cold. It's getting dark. I can hear a song.
Naoya's in there. Mom, Dad, everyone besides me -- all in there.
They all left me behind, left me and went in. Because only I survived.

8/27: Rain

It's painful. Is the pain the dream? The tattoo spreads.
The doctor says he can't see anything. Overseas they apparently call emotional trauma after an accident like this "PTSD".
But I can see it.

 / : Rainy

After sleeping several days, I'm only half-awake. Gradually I come not to know whether I'm awake or asleep.
The doctor seemed interested when he listened to my story. Maybe he is becoming more sympathetic.
But that dream and the pain are mine alone.
The pain is spreading.

 / : Rainy? Not sure...

Am I to blame...
Since I'm the only one who survived. But it's not like I chose to survive.

 / :

It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.
What should I do? What? Forgive me...
That woman is coming after me.
I can see her even when I'm awake.

 / :

I can't take being touched again.
I don't want to see anymore...

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