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Woman's Notebook 2
Japanese name{{{japanese name}}}
Romaji name
File typeNotebook
DescriptionA page torn from a notebook is on top of the cabinet.
Author/OwnerMiyako Sudo
LocationOsaka House, Kimono Room
AppearancesFatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly

Woman's Notebook 2 is a file in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.

Fatal Frame IIEdit

Sometimes I sense someone passing by the window.

He carries a torch, and mutters things.

He seems to be searching for somebody,

but it's not Masumi.

In the distance, I can hear some kind of sad ceremonial song being sung.

They say that this village vanished on the day of a ceremony, and that day is repeated over and over again.

— Miyako

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson ButterflyEdit

I see things... people... walking past the window.

They're all carrying flaming torches and chanting.

I think they're looking for someone.

It doesn't seem to be Masumi, though.

There seems to be a festival taking place in the distance. I can hear someone singing a sad song.

They say this village was wiped out on the day of a festival.

It feels like this day is destined to repeat. Forever.

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