Village Report 3
Japanese name
Romaji name
File typeNotebook
DescriptionA notebook left by the missing surveyor. It contains details about the significance of butterflies.
Author/OwnerMasumi Makimura
LocationKureha Shrine door
AppearancesFatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly

Village Report 3 is a notebook in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. This file is needed to complete the Bloody Ring Sidequest.

Fatal Frame IIEdit

I found a small shrine at the top of a long set of stairs, shrouded in mist.

It seems very old, but it is well-made, and has not fallen into disrepair.

The entrance has a large butterfly crest painted on it. It's the same as the one on the building beyond the large bridge.

Butterflies seem to have a special meaning, just like twins. They are frequently mentioned in the ritual lterature. "Butterfly" means something else to the villagers too.

I notice that the word always appears in writings about the ritual.

I may not know its exact meaning, but the fact that the butterfly crest is on a shrine indicates that it is very special indeed.

I should investigate further.

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson ButterflyEdit

The local shrine is located at the end of a long stairway, and is permanently shrouded in mist.

Though it appears to be very old, it was clearly well built, and shows no visible damage.
A large butterfly marks its entrance, the same butterfly that adorns the house situated across the big bridge.

Butterflies appear to have the same kind of special significance as twins in this village. They are often referred to in books relating to a unique ceremony that takes place here. The "butterfly" appears to be some kind of code, symbolizing something else, but I have no idea what it could be. Judging from the texts I have read, however, there's no doubt it has something to do with the ceremony.

The large butterfly that marks the entrance to this shrine certainly has some special significance.

It is up to me to investigate and find out what it is.

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