Village Report 2
Japanese name
Romaji name
File typeNotebook
DescriptionA notebook left by the missing surveyor discussing the major families and their roles in the village.
Author/OwnerMasumi Makimura
LocationTsuchihara House, Front-Well
AppearancesFatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly

Village Report 2 is a notebook in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. This file is needed to complete the Bloody Ring Sidequest.

Fatal Frame IIEdit

I looked down into the old well but it was pitch black, and I couldn't see a thing.

If you listen closely, you can only hear wind blowing, and it seems that the water has all dried up.

I can't tell which was here first, the house or the well. Neither has been used in a while.

According to the records, this house used to belong to the powerful Tsuchihara family.

In this village, the Osaka, Kiryu, and Tachibana families were also influential. Each house had its own crest, and help power in the village.

As a group they were also in charge of a special ritual.

Each was a branch of the Kurosawa family, who administered to the ceremony. They performed the role of priests.

The Kurosawa name is scattered throughout the literature, but no concrete information is written.
I have no doubt that they held absolute power though.
Where in the world did the villagers go?

And how do you get out of this village?

The answers to these questions lie within the Kurosawa house.

I'm not sure how I know, but I have a strong feeling about this.

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson ButterflyEdit

I had a look into the village's dried up well, but it was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing, and the only sound coming from it was the wind.

The water in the well seems to have dried up long ago.

Neither this house nor the well have been used for a very long time.

According to the records, this house belong to the influential Tsuchihara family.
The Kiryu, Tachibana, and Osaka families seem to have been quite powerful, and each of the four families had their own unique crest. All four families were involved in governing the village, and the records state they were also responsible for performing an important local ceremony.

All four families, however, were simply branches of the great Kurosawa family that traditionally provided the High Priest who presided over the ceremonies. The Kurosawa name appears in several historical documents, but I have yet to find a clear explanation of their relationship with the other families. There is no doubt, however, that the Kurosawa family held absolute power in the village.

The real question, however, is where have all the villagers gone?

As for how I'm going to get out of here, the answer can only be in one place: the Kurosawa house.

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