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Twin Shrine Maidens
Japanese name{{{japanese name}}}
Romaji name
File typeMemo
DescriptionA memo describing the role that twins have in Minakami Village.
Author/OwnerMio Amakura
AppearancesFatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly

Twin Shrine Maidens is a memo in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. This file is obtained after reading Folklorist's Note X in Chapter IV.

Fatal Frame IIEdit

In All God's Village, twins were born at certain regular intervals.

The villagers believed twins were a single person that split and got born as two.

Twins were thought to radiate a great energy when they become one again.

At times, boy twins also performed the ritual.

These twins were called "Altar Twins".

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson ButterflyEdit

The birth of twins is said to be a regular occurrence in Minakami Village.

There are those who believe that twins are one soul that have been divided into two bodies. Reuniting these souls is thought to release a vast charge of energy.

The ceremony is sometimes conducted with male twins, known as Twin Wardens.

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