Tomoe Hirasaka
Japanese nameともえ
Romaji nameHirasaka Tomoe
Other namesNone
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Cause of deathRope Curse
Encountered inFish Tank Room and Courtyard
AppearancesFatal Frame
Voice actorBianca Allen
Jap. voice actorUnknown


"There are rope marks on my body... just like Koji..."

—Tomoe realising that she is Kirie's next victim.

Tomoe Hirasaka is a female character in Fatal Frame. She was an a assistant of Junsei Takamine, who went to explore into Himuro Mansion, along with Koji Ogata and Mr. Takamine, to search materials for Takamine's new book.


Throughout the exploration of the mansion, Tomoe's colleague, Koji was cursed and brutally executed by Kirie, a malicous ghost. Mr. Takamine and Tomoe found the remainings of Koji and realised that they have to prevent the curse before they would share the same fate with Koji. Tomoe's further investigations revealed the method, which with she and Takamine could have put an end to the curse, known as Calamity; however, Kirie caught her twice already by the time Tomoe found out about the method.

Before she could have told Mr. Takamine the information, she began to suffer symptoms of the same as Koji, due to her "sixth sense". A cutscence appeared in the Abyss, where she was strangled by Kirie and becomes "torn apart" as Koji.


As Miku went into the Fish Tank Room, Tomoe appeared behind her and what appears to be trying to strangle her.

Tomoe's ghost has her head down making it difficult to take a photo. Like the other ghost, Tomoe can scream at Miku and paralyze her. Once Miku defeats her, she appears once more in the backyard.


  • During a cutscene in the backyard, Tomoe is saying to Miku "tell him... tell him", after her spirit was defeated, her last words were "the mirror... the mirror", she was referring to Mr. Takamine, as she knew how to break the curse and she was going to tell him.
  • Her first name "Tomoe", is a Japanese abstract shape, in other words a swirl that resembles a comma or the usual form of magatama. Tomoe are usually seen in a design of three known as mitsudomoe (三つ巴).


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