When the Calamity comes, we're all dead!

—One of the Headless Priests

The Calamity is a tragedy that occurred in Fatal Frame. The horrible incident that took place immediately after the strangling ritual at the Himuro Mansion in 1837, where Kirie Himuro's soul was corrupted by the Malice.


Kirie lover1

Kirie with the visitor

Kirie was the last Rope Shrine Maiden, who was elected to be sacrificed in order to seal the Hell Gate and prevent the Malice breaking out from it. Kirie's task prior to the ritual was to sever every one of her attachments to the world.  Shortly before the ritual, she met a visitor who was living at the mansion as a guest. Kirie eventually began to have an affair with the visitor, but the Himuro family accidentally found out about their relationship.

Being afraid that this attachment may result in the failure of the strangling ritual, they isolated Kirie from her lover and ordered the man to be assassinated. Before her death, Kirie found out that her lover was murdered; the strangling ritual failed due to Kirie's restless regret. The Malice, after being able to pour through the Hell Gate, bound itself with Kirie's soul and deformed her into a vindictive ghost whose purpose was to excact revenge and bring eternal bitterness on the residents of the mansion and everyone who dares to enter its boundaries - just the same way as she was forced to suffer. Many of her victims died because of the rope curse

Fatal Frame 1 Miku 8D by LaraTheTombRaider

Miku using the Holy Mirror to stop The Calamity.

The Calamity was aborted by Miku Hinasaki in 1986, through her search for her brother at the mansion. Using the Holy Mirror, she successfully banished the Malice from Kirie's soul and freed it. Afterwards, Kirie fulfilled her duty, finished the failed ritual and tied herself up in front of the Hell Gate by her hands to prevent the Calamity from occuring ever again.

The Calamity lasted nearly for 150 years.


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