Tattooed Diary 3
Japanese name 
Romaji name
File typeJournal 
Author/OwnerReika Kuze
LocationAbyss of the Horizon
AppearancesFatal Frame III: The Tormented

Tattooed Diary 3 is a file in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented.


I had a dream about him.

In the Rift, that hell of Holly, he came before me, as I was to be lowered into the abyss.

The mistress does not notice. It's my dream, after all.

He extends his hand. I do too. Just as our fingers are about to touch, the Holly abates, just a bit. I didn't lose myself.

But we couldn't touch.

Even I, who have been engraved with the Holly of so many people, even I might still be able to dream of him.

In my eternal sleep.

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