The term Spirited Away is used to describe a specific group of missing people. These people have completely disappeared without cause or reason, but the most important aspect of their disappearance is that there is suspicion that the paranormal is involved.


Outcome of VictimsEdit

When a person is said to have been spirited away, it means that they have been taken by spirits to another place. The bodies of the victims are usually never found. Spirited Aways don't necessarily disappear in similar circumstances or similar locations. People can be spirited away and survive their "capture".


This specific term was not used until Fatal Frame III: The Tormented, but all the of the previous games have used the theme of one being taken by ghosts and spirits. Different names may be applied to the same phenomenon in specific areas or circumstances: for example, the Lost Patients, or residents of Rougetsu Island who were thought to have been "taken to the moon".

Specific Types of Spirited AwaysEdit

Known Characters that have Spirited AwayEdit

Fatal FrameEdit

Fatal Frame II: Crimson ButterflyEdit

Fatal Frame III: The TormentedEdit

Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar EclipseEdit

Spirit Camera: The Cursed MemoirEdit

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black WaterEdit


  • The concept of being 'spirited away' recurs often in Japanese folklore. The term is called 'kamikakushi' (神隠し) and the concept was the person was taken away by a spirit or displeased god. (Tengu stories are often linked to spirited away tales). Another term often used is 'Onikakushi' (鬼隠し) refers to a person 'spirited away' by a demon. Kamikakushi is used within the Fatal Frame Series.

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