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The sixth sense is the ability to perceive the supernatural and other unseen phenomena. It is the Fatal Frame series main theme. A certain number of characters in the series possess this trait to varying degrees, and it can manifest in many different ways.

Some characters inherit or are born with a sensitive sense, just like the Hinasaki siblings. As others develop it after a trauma, the same case for Ouse Kurosawa and Yuri.

It is mentioned in a variety of ways in the Fatal Frame series that the weakest of people (not always) possess the strongest sixth sense.

A significant number of females, specially shrine maidens possess such ability. These women are sacrificed to seal the Gates of Hell (Rope Shrine Maidens, Kirie Himuro) or to cease calamities such as the Repentance. As they are desirable sacrifices to carry out burden or the pain of countless (Tattooed Priestess).

It is possible for the sixth sense to become inactive. In Miyuki Hinasaki case, she lost this ability as she grew. Miku lost this ability for a short period of time after her brother's demise.

Features Edit

Abilities to see the unseen. Edit

Those who posses the sixth sense are able to see spirits(more favorably called as ghosts).  Those with stronger sixth sense are able to see spirits that aren't hostile. Whereas ghosts which are violent, malicious or hostile, they can be easily seen.

People with a sixth sense may be vulnerable to possession under the right circumstances, and can fall under the control of powerful spirits (as Mafuyu does with Kirie, Mayu with Sae, and Misaki with Sakuya).

Past Visions. Edit

Seeing visions from the past may come at the form of dreams. However, those with stronger psychic power are able to witness these visions as they are awake by touching objects, people...etc or even looking into someone's eyes. Yomi Ko or Shadowborns are example.

Future Visions. Edit

A less common trait is catching glimpse of the coming future. If that was to happen it would occur unspecified and vague. Example: When Mio was chasing after her sister who was following the butterflies, she had a vision of her hands around Mayu's neck.

Detecting Emotions. Edit

In Fatal Frame V: Maiden of the Black Water, sensing emotions has been newly acquainted to the series. Yuri, Miu and Ouse Kurosawa are able to comprehend the emotions of those whom they touch. Kureha, from Deep Crimson Butterfly is also a character presented with this ability.

Characters with Sixth Sense Edit

Fatal Frame Edit

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Edit

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented Edit

Fatal Frame IV: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse Edit

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly Edit

Fatal Frame V: Maiden of the Black Water Edit


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