Shadow Festival is an event that takes place in Kureha Shrine during Summer days, this festivity is only shown in Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly.

Shadow Festival

Antiquity Edit

This festival derives of the forbidden ritual which is being held in All God's Village every decade. This festival is practiced in Kureha Shrine, however, it has spread through countless of regions not far from this village. Thousands of lanterns are released to the night's heavens, casting the darkness away. This recollects the surge of crimson butterflies released from the Hellish Abyss if the Crimson Sacrifice ritual was successful.

Project Zero II: Deep Crimson Butterfly Edit

The twins (Mio and Mayu Amakura) attended this festival several times before the events of the game. As Mio was wandering far from her elder twin, Mayu was acquainted with the fear of being apart from her sister. The fear of each of them taking their separate paths someday. However, when the two reunite, that dreadful feeling vanishes as they hold hands and share the same thought.


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