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The Rope Shrine Maiden is a woman who is chosen to perform the Strangling Ritual.


The last to be caught in the Demon Tag Ritual would be the Rope Shrine Maiden to be used in the next Strangling Ritual. After being chosen, the Rope Shrine Maiden would be locked from the outside world for 10 years until the time of the ceremony, however she would be able to go outside on certain days.

When the night of the Strangling Ritual came, she would be taken to the Tsukuyomi Temple (the Moon Shrine), the Himuro Family Master and the Family Priests would open a trapdoor found under the shrine, the maiden would then climb down a ladder to a small cave, where she would bathe in the moonlight and purify herself, then she would be taken to the Rope Altar and be pulled apart by ropes. Her pure, holy blood would power the ropes and keep the gates of Hell closed. Keeping the world safe from the land of the Dead for another 10 years.

The last Rope Shrine Maiden was Kirie Himuro, who died in December 1837, due to Kirie's depression over the loss of her lover, her blood wasn't powerful enough to keep the gates of Hell closed, the Malice was released, 1,347 souls died, and their spirits corrupted by the Malice, the Malice also corrupted Kirie and split her into two, the Malice possessing her older form and turning her into an evil, corrupted version of herself, and her younger self, which remained pure, and begged any visitor to the mansion to save her older self and free the spirits trapped in the mansion.

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