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Research Scrap - Ryozo Munakata Research Document 4
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Romaji name
File typeScrap
Author/OwnerRyozo Munakata
AppearancesFatal Frame

Research Scrap - Ryozo Munakata Research Document 4 is a scrap in Fatal Frame.


The Legend of the Holy Mirrors
(The Mirrors of the Five Gods)

The Holy Mirrors, held in five shrines in this region, are most commonly known as "the Mirrors of the Five Gods". The legend tells that the five gods, before leaving this land, created these mirrors as a means of protecting the village.

Some legends mention another mirror. The story is that all five mirrors were used together in a ritual to fend off a huge disaster (whether this was the Calamity or not is not known.)

It is not known whether the ritual mentioned above is related in any way to the one performed by the Himuro family, but there is the correlation of the mirrors.

However, the actual existence of the legendary Holy Mirror, one complete mirror, has not been confirmed, and it is not known what the legend is based on.

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