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Research Notes - Editor Ogata's Notes 1

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Research Notes - Editor Ogata's Notes 1
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Author/OwnerKoji Ogata
AppearancesFatal Frame

The Research Notes - Editor Ogata's Notes 1 is a notebook in Fatal Frame.


August 20th
Mr. Takamine needs some background material for his next work. There's a book about Himuro Mansion by a certain folklorist, and I'm supposed to look for it. A book about Shinto rituals and legends from every part of the country.
Author: Ryozo Munakata.
Title: Unknown.

August 22nd
I can't find the book, but I did some checking on the folklorist. I found out he moved into Himuro Mansion to do research on it. But after some certain event, he and his whole family disappeared.

I couldn't find the book, but I found a news article from that period about it. It's a small missing-persons story, but it might be helpful as background material.

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