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Flashing ghost filamentThis is a disambiguation page for Priestess/Shrine Maiden, the following pages share a common name or a similar concept. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.Flashing ghost filament

Fatal Frame:

  • For the shrine maiden that was sacrificed in the Strangulation Ritual, see Rope Shrine Maiden

Fatal Frame II:

  • For the twins that take part in the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, see Twin Shrine Maidens
  • For the male equivalent of the Twin Shrine Maidens, see Altar Twins

Fatal Frame III:

  • For the priestess that is tattooed and impaled, see Tattooed Priestess
  • For the shrine maidens that tended to the Tattooed priestess, see Handmaidens

Fatal Frame IV:

  • For the maiden that performed the public Rougetsu Kagura, see Utsuwa
  • For the shrine maidens that played the instruments in the Rougetsu Kagura, see Kanade

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