Narukami Shrine
Outside of Narukami Shrine
Inside of Narukami Shrine

The Narukami Shrine is a setting in Fatal Frame. It is located outside of the Himuro Mansion. It is the place where Junsei Takamine was killed by Kirie and is also the place where Mr. Takamine is a boss ghost.


Ropes are wrapped around the trees. At the top is a Shinto gate which leads to a shrine. Inside the shrine is a mirror and what appears to be a miniature replica of the shrine. In order to open the gate, five buddha statues are needed.



  • Narukami (鳴神) means 'roaring god' and refers to thunder. It is also the name of a famous kabuki play.
  • This location bares resemblance to a part of the real life Himuro Masion.

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