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Mission Mode is an additional mode in the Fatal Frame series that can be unlocked after beating the game once. As the title says, this provides an additional challenge to players via several scenarios, or missions. Completing all missions unlocks additional items in the Extras menu.

Fatal Frame III: The TormentedEdit

FF3 Mission Mode

Mission Mode in The Tormented

After beating the game, the player can load the cleared save file to bring up the new Extras menu. Among the choices is the Mission Mode. However, missions restrict the player to either Rei Kurosawa, Miku Hinasaki, or Kei Amakura with their unique abilities.

Completing all Missions unlocks the following items to be purchased in the Extras.

  • Pinafore Dresses for both Rei and Miku
  • Serial Lens for both Rei and Kei

Likewise, completing all Missions with an S Rank will unlock the Festival Function. This function provides the following bonuses:

  • Max Spirit Charge for all three characters
  • Constant Fatal Frame opportunities
  • Unlimited supply of Spirit Orbs
  • Unlimited "slow" charge, and fully-charged "Double" abilities for Miku.


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