You're a traitor, too. . .

—Minamo Kuze

Minamo Kuze
Japanese name水面
Romaji nameKuze Minamo
Other names
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
OccupationHandmaiden East
Cause of deathImpaled by Hisame
Encountered inDoll Altar East
FamilyKuze Family Adopted
AppearancesFatal Frame III: The Tormented
Voice actor (Eng)N/A
Voice actor (Jp)N/A

Minamo is a hostile spirit in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented the youngest and the most sadistic of the four Handmaidens adopted into the Kuze family to serve the Kuze Shrine.

Appearance Edit

She wears the same red and white outfit that the other three Handmaidens wear. The crimson hairpin she locks her tresses with is the most distinguishing feature she has. Like all the Handmaidens (excluding Amane) she carries an impaling stake and mallet.

Biography Edit

It is shown in her diary and during battle that Minamo fulfills her duties as a Handmaiden for the joy of impaling others, she expresses great pleasure in such at the point of fantasizing of the many methods of impaling a Priestess. Her heart is filled with the wonders of being impaled. She is unlike Hisame who fulfills her duties due to her devotion.

After Amane Kuze disobeys the Kuze Code by bringing her half-brother Kaname into the shrine, Minamo follows the orders of Yashuu Kuze and helps impale Amane at the bottom of the Abyss. As Miku approaches the site of the impalement in Hour XI, Minamo can be heard calling Amane a traitor and saying, "You'll never escape from here. We won't let you."

Fate Edit

Later, after the Shrine Carpenters failed to contain the Rift from spreading, Minamo is impaled, along with Shigure, in the Enclosed Room, on the orders of the Family Head.

Now Minamo haunts the House of Sleep, beckoning to Rei, who she believes is the next priestess, so she can impale her as well. Sometimes she will mockingly ask during battles, "Are you hurt?"

Trivia Edit

  • She resides in Doll Altar East.
  • Minamo was the second Handmaiden to be impaled, after Amane.
  • A side-story concerning Minamo and the other Handmaidens is mentioned in the Zero 3 Comic Anthology. In this side-story, Minamo can be seen impaling a small animal in front of the Grave Courtyard.
  • Minamo can be distinguished from the other Pacifiers by her short hair and red hairpin.

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