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Mafuyu's Notes 6
Japanese name{{{japanese name}}}
Romaji name
File typeNotebook
Author/OwnerMafuyu Hinasaki
AppearancesFatal Frame

Mafuyu's Notes 6 is a notebook in Fatal Frame.


Dear Miku

I know it's weird, but I see you sometimes here in the mansion. I run after you, but I always end up losing sight of you... There must be some kind of warp in time here now. We'll probably never be able to find each other... Were you worried about me ? Is that why you came ?

I hope you get this note, I need you to help me. The force behind the curse of Himuro Mansion is a woman named Kirie. She was sacrificed in a ritual, and her sad spirit was exposed to the Malice that spilled out of hell when the Calamity happened.

Now she's a miserable creature that taunts everything she comes into contact with. Apparently, I remind her of the man she was in love with. I somehow just knew that when she touched me... I plan on going to see her now. If I don't, this mansion will keep right on claiming victims...

Kirie laments her ill-fated life but, at the same time, she also regrets not having been able to fulfill her duty as the Shrine Maiden. I saw the image of Kirie as a child. She was looking for somebody to help her-- to help her other, tortured self.

Kirie is like a person divided in two...

Miku, I want you to help Kirie if you can.

You have to seal off the Hell Gate with the Holy Mirror...

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