A series of notes left by Madoka Tsukimori in Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Madoka's Memo 1

...Since the silhouette of Rougetsu Island became visible,

my heart has been aching.

I don't remember anything about

when I was on the island,

but I feel like I'm suffocating...

Just as Miskai said,

something might be on that island.

Misaki suddenly said she was going to Rougetsu Island,

and I came along because I was worried about her.

I'm afraid Misaki was tricked

into going to the island.

She wouldn't tell me her reason for going back.

Soon, we got closer to the island.

Misaki was staring at it coldly. If I take my eyes

off her, then we'll quickly be seperated, and...

Marie and Tomoe,

if I'm not with Misaki then what might...

Madoka's Memo 2

Rougetsu Hall is just past here.

Since I came back to the island,

my dizzyness has gotten worse.

The air doesn't move.

It hurts to breathe.

It's the scent of this place.

Until now, things like scents and music made me

remember the things I had forgotten.

Like the time when Ruka let me listen to the song she made.

Although I remember some things, they aren't clear.

Things like a sense of touch, or pain...

These words are just

too vague.

But this time it's different. From deep within me,

a huge dark mass is going to come out.

Someday, it'll break through my mind.

At least, it will be fine if I wait

until Ruka gets here as well.

Madoka's Memo 3

I will just write something.

Anything is good, but if I don't write


it will just go away.

If I don't write, I


If I don't write

it's all over

I forget what, but it's all coming to an end.

It's coming closer, slowly, it' coming closer


Mother, help me


ev erybody treats me

like a toy

stop shaking me

Madoka's Memo 4

when I look at

my face

I don't

understand what

it's becoming

I don't know my own face

my face


my fa ce

(blank page)

two people



Madoka's Memo 5

I don't understand

I saw my face and I don't understand.

don't understand

my face is crumbling!

it's crumbling but

I remembered,

I was screaming.

Ayako's face,

a hand grabbing me,

a mask coming closer,

the color of blood red that music

a ruined face!


I don't want to see!

I remember,

we were chosen,

it hurts everything

everything close them

Why can't I see

aaah aah

quick! want to close them

The moon is calling me back.

the moon

the moon the moon

the moon

in a dark place

a dark place

without a moon

a a

(blank page)

that room

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