Letter from Kei 2
Japanese name{{{japanese name}}}
Romaji name
File typeScrap
Author/OwnerKei Amakura
AppearancesFatal Frame III: The Tormented

Letter from Kei 2 is a file in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented.


Dear Yuu,

During my research on "The Manor of Sleep" urban legend, I finally made it to a certain deserted village lost even from the map.

I found this camera in a huge abandoned house near that village. My niece Mio (when Mayu disappeared she caused you a lot of trouble so you probably remember her) saw this camera, she was scared stiff. I wonder if it reminded her of that unspeakable incident?

For now, I'd like you to take of the camera. You know about antiques, so could you look it over for me?

I don't think you'll be able to reach me for a bit, but I'll contact you, so let me know what you find then.


Kei Amakura

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