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Legend of Song 2
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DescriptionA book Kei found on folklore. It has an interpretation of the lullaby heard in the dream.
AppearancesFatal Frame III: The Tormented

Legend of Song 2 is a data in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented.


(Page 1)

After extensive research on the Mustsu Lullaby "The Sleeping Priestess,"
Lyrics were discovered that appear
To be even closer to the original.

The following includes thoughts on
How the song came about,
As well as it's meaning.

(Page 2)

"The Sleeping Priestess: Verse One"
Sleep, child, Lie in peace
Sleep, child, Lie in peace
If you cry, the boat you'll ride the last trip to the other side
Once you get there
Scared marks you'll bear
They shall be peeled off
Should you fail to lie still

(Page 3)
The words "Lie in peace" in this Version of the song seem to Connote
death, rather than sleep.
The words "scared marks" may be related to the area's legend
Of the "Tattoo Master."
Perhaps in the original religious
Song, it expressed a meaning
Of "engraving a tattoo."

(Page 4)

"The Sleeping Priestess: Verse Two"
Sleep, child, Lie in peace
Sleep, child, Lie in peace
If the priestess wakes from her dream from her endless dream,
Perform the rite of stakes
Her limbs pinned tight
Lest the doors open wide
And suffering unleashed on all

(Page 5)
After researching various oral
Traditions, there was found to remain Here the vestiges of a spirit world
Faith of sending the spirits of the Dead to the "sea" - - despite the fact
That it is in the mountains. This
"sea" may signify the "underworld."
If the "doors" are taken as the doors To the Other World, then "Lest the

(Page 6)
doors open wide/And suffering
unleashed on all" seems to connote that if the doors to the Other World
open, some disaster will occur.
This song may have originally related to a ceremony that protected the
gate to the Other World.

(Page 7)
The combination of elements such as the title "The Sleeping Priestess,"
The priestess "waking," sleep, and
Laying to sleep, juxtaposed with the Word "to pin," lends the meaning of
Priestess being "aided to sleep,"
In other words, "to be put to sleep." A sacrificial property can thus
Be read into the song.

(Page 8)
Following is a diagram found in Regional documents, combined
With the legend that seems to be based on ceremony and religion.
In the center of this illustration, There is a small shrine where
"Engraving Shrine" is written. The
part of the song about "tattoo" lends credence to the theory that the song
may have been sung here.

(Page 9)
Deep in the "Engraving Shrine" there is a vast sea (the underworld), and
the shrine is drawn as the boundary between
This Shore and the Other Shore. The lore accompanying the diagram is as

(Page 10)
Break fresh skin, Engrave the Holly Impale the tattoo stake
Subdue for Eternity,
To sleep in the rift.
Like the song lyrics, the lore can also be read as having the same Human
sacrifice - like aspect of
"Impale, Subdue, and Sleep.

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