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A patient afflicted by Getsuyuu Syndrome, who was hospitalized at Haibara Hospital on Rougetsu Island. She was hanging upside-down in an underground punishment chamber, in the basement of Haibara Hospital, when Sakuya Haibara awoke from her coma-like state after the Kiraigou. She was forgotten in the chaos, and died whilst still hanging there.

Trivia Edit

  • Whether she died directly from being hung upside down or was actually killed by Sakuya is unknown; however, since she visibly Blooms, it is likely that Sakuya "cursed" and subsequently killed her.
  • She attacks by crawling along the ceiling before quickly lunging toward and grabbing the character, all while completely upside-down.
  • By looking through a window in the basement of Haibara Hospital, one can see a body wrapped in cloth hanging upside-down, presumably undergoing this form of treatment. It is not known whether or not the body is Kyouko's.
  • She appears in Haunted House Mode in Fatal Frame: Deep Crimson Butterfly.

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