Koji Ogata
Japanese name浩二緒方
Romaji nameOgata Koji
Other namesNone
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Cause of deathRope Curse
Encountered inLibrary
AppearancesFatal Frame
Voice actorMatt Lagan
Jap. voice actorUnknown

"Help me..."

—Koji Ogata

Koji Ogata is a male character in Fatal Frame. He was an editor who used to work for Junsei Takamine. He, along with Tomoe and Junsei, went to explore the Himuro Mansion, in hope for exploring something for Takamine's new book.


Koji ropes photo2

A photo of Koji, note the ropes appears.

While wandering around the mansion, searching for Junsei and Tomoe, Kirie caught up with him. Koji attempted to hide in a closet near the Kimono Room, but as Kirie got closer to the closet, she opened the closet door and killed Koji. Although his death is off screen, it is clear that Kirie severed his limbs. His remains were later discovered by Takamine and his assistant, Tomoe.


Fatal Frame 1 cutscenes Before Koji battle00:42

Fatal Frame 1 cutscenes Before Koji battle

Koji is the first boss the player encounters throughout the game. As his role is in the very beginning of the game and does not possess any challenging skill, he can be easily defeated.


  • It is Koji's Tape Recorder that Miku uses to play tapes in the game.
  • After his spirit was captured, his last words was "Let me out... let me out of this mansion".


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