She wanted to be with him forever. . .

—Miku Hinasaki

Kirie's Diary 6
FF1 Old Book
Japanese name霧絵の日記 六
Romaji nameKiri e no nikki roku
File typeNotebook
DescriptionIt looks like there's a diary on top of the old desk.
Author/OwnerKirie Himuro
AppearancesFatal Frame

Kirie's Diary 6 is a notebook in Fatal Frame.

A diary that belong to Kirie. It is found in Dungeon on a small table, Final Night.


The Strangling Ritual will be held soon. The master and the priests are performing their ablutions. And it looks like the whole family has gathered here at the mansion for the ritual. This mansion is usually so lonely... But for today, anyway, it's bustling with life.

One of the priests was staring at me today. He looked so sad.

I'm the Rope Shrine Maiden...

I have a very important obligation to fulfill...

But how can I perform my duty as the Shrine Maiden now, feeling the way I do?

Now that I've found out the true joy of living?

And now that I've gone and gotten that poor man involved...?

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