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Kirie's Diary 5
FF1 Old Book
Japanese name{{{japanese name}}}
Romaji name
File typeNotebook
Description"It looks like there is a diary in front of the doll."
Author/OwnerKirie Himuro
LocationOn the doll shelf, Final Night
AppearancesFatal Frame

Kirie's Diary 5 is a notebook in Fatal Frame.

A diary that belong to Kirie Himuro. It is found on the doll shelf in Anteroom during Final Night.


The priests hid him because they thought I wouldn't have been able to properly be the Shrine Maiden otherwise...

What did I get him into...?

It's all my fault!

I just wanted to be with him...

I wanted us to be together forever and ever!

That's all I wanted...

I didn't want him to get hurt!

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