Kirie's Diary 4
FF1 Old Book
Japanese name霧絵の日記 四
Romaji nameKiri e no nikki shi
File typeNotebook
DescriptionIt looks like there is a diary in front of the doll.
Author/OwnerKirie Himuro
AppearancesFatal Frame

Kirie's Diary 4 is a notebook in Fatal Frame.

A diary that belong to Kirie. It is found in the Anteroom on the Final Night.


It's been five days already since he stopped coming. When I asked about it, the chief priest told me he'd gone back to his home village. Why would he leave all of a sudden like that...? Especially now, when I soon won't be able to see him anymore at all...?

I had a dream about him.

He was looking at me with sad eyes. Such sad eyes! His eyes looked like they wanted to tell me something...

He didn't go home. The priests did something to him... But why?

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