Kirie's Diary 3
FF1 Old Book
Japanese name霧絵の日記 三
Romaji nameKiri e no nikki san
File typeNotebook
Description"I found a diary written in charcoal ink between some old books."
Author/OwnerKirie Himuro
LocationOn the bookshelf, Dungeon
AppearancesFatal Frame

Kirie's Diary 3 is a notebook in Fatal Frame.

A diary that belong to Kirie. It is found on the bookshelf in Dungeon on the Final Night.


He came to see me again today. The chief priest said we musn't go out into the garden, so we just stayed in the room and talked.

He told me so many interesting things about the outside world. I feel so happy when I'm with him...! So very, very happy!

I walked in the garden with him today. How beautiful the cherry blossoms are!

He's taught me so much since we've met. I never even feel lonely anymore.

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