Kirie's Diary 1
FF1 Old Book
Japanese name霧絵の日記 一
Romaji nameKiri e no nikki ichi
File typeNotebook
DescriptionThere is an old diary, written in charcoal ink, where the Holy Mirror used to be.
Author/OwnerKirie Himuro
AppearancesFatal Frame

Kirie's Diary 1 is a notebook in Fatal Frame.

It is a diary that belonged to Kirie Himuro. It is found on the ground within Kirie's cell.


While I was looking out the window today, I saw somebody walking in the garden. He didn't notice me. He was just walking around leisurely, gazing at the trees and hills.

I saw him again today, walking in the garden. He saw me once, too, and waved to me. I don't know why, but my face got hot, and I ducked out of sight. When I told the chief priest about it, he was terribly surprised. He told me I wasn't to look out the window again for awhile.