The ceremony will begin soon. It's almost the end for me.

—Kazuya Sakaki

Kazuya Sakaki is a character in Fatal Frame V. He is a restaurant owner, and a friend of Ren Hojo since the two were at university, though several in-game documents note his rather unreliable and narcissistic personality. He has been known to do background research for Ren from time to time, and it is at Ren's request that he goes to Mount Hikami, to look for an album of post-mortem photos that Ren is interested in. While he is there, he stumbles across Watarai Mansion, where he finds a photograph of a beautiful woman. Bewitched by the picture, he is spirited away. He calls Ren from the telephone inside Watarai Mansion and says he will soon be married. Ren, very surprised, asks who the bride is, but Kazuya will only say he saw her in a photograph.

Kazuya is summoned to the House of Joining to perform Ghost Marriage with the woman from the photo. When he gets there he has strong misgivings, but ends up in the marriage room, where the woman appears. In the middle of the ceremony she rejects Kazuya, and his body begins to contort unnaturally. Mangled and broken, he is placed inside a reliquary by the Wedding Celebrant as a failed partner.

Later, Ren and Rui arrive at Mount Hikami looking for him. Kazuya's ghost, in a twisted form and still suffering his death agonies, attacks them in the Veiled House.

Kazuya concept

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