A letter written from Kaname Ototsuki to Reika Kuze.

Transcript Edit

Miss Reika,

Recently, a fellow student introduced me to a teacher who also conducts research. I didn't get the chance to speak to him in person or anything like that, so I think I will tell you about it also.

The one I spoke to, Dr. Asou, is researching the strange power that people's dreams have.

If, in the future, I become involved with the doctor's research, since there shouldn't be any difficulties we didn't speak in detail, but when I wake from the dream there are things I forget instantly and things I remember for a long time. Within the memories that remain, above all else he will investigate lots about the dream I keep having again and again, with its special workings.

It's a study that is at the forefront, and I there are parts of it that I believe average people won't understand. But I will keep describing the dreams I've been having for some time here, and my unexpectedly fateful former life - I think that maybe I want some kind of proof.

If I hear anything that bears fruit, I will report it to you, too. Until then, look forward to it.


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