A letter written from Kaname Ototsuki to Reika Kuze.

Transcript Edit

To Miss Reika, whom I dearly miss,

Each night I have the dream, I seem to be beckoned a little further in.

As I wandered the dream manor, I came across a strange sight. In a luxurious room with splendid bamboo blinds is a semi-underground room hidden from view. In the room with the high ceiling is a narrow prison, suspended in mid-air, that is mismatched to the appearance of the room. And inside the prison was a single beautiful woman, pale as wax, sleeping soundly.

I suddenly made the connection that the form of the woman sleeping motionless in there, dressed in a blue costume, looked just like the Sleeping Priestess I had only heard of in stories.

I've heard that the Sleeping Priestess is a special shrine maiden, who can only be seen when close friends or relatives die. So, naturally, I haven't met her, and I don't know what she would look like.

But, even though I don't know why, the woman who looked like a priestess who appears in my dream feels like a priestess who follows those customs. Lately, since I see this every time I sleep, I get the strange feeling that it might be a queer kind of fate.

And also, though she was far away and I couldn't see clearly, she still somehow looked similar to you, and wherever in the mansion I wander I feel as though I keep hearing your voice incessantly.

This has turned into quite a rambling tale. I'm sorry for scribbling down nothing but my feelings. Perhaps this time I will be able to report that my own research is somewhat fruitful.

Until next time.

Kaname Ototsuki

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