A letter written from Kaname Ototsuki to Reika Kuze.

Transcript Edit

Miss Reika

Has anything changed since then? Things are unchanged on my end; just like always, I spend each day trying to find out about my birth. And at night, as always, I keep having that strange dream.

I thought it was strange at first, but now I thoroughly look forward to it. Because for some reason, as I walk around, I can hear your voice from deep inside the manor, and see you wandering around in the emptiness.

Now that I think of it, there was a story in our village about a "Sleeping Priestess". Tradition says that the Sleeping Priestess takes on the emotions of many people, and keeps dreaming. As I kept having that dream, over and over, I suddenly remembered that priestess.

I've heard that, at a shrine on the other side of the mountains, is the Sleeping Priestess, who supposedly never shows herself to the visitors who rely on her power. However much I chase you, whose face I cannot see, in the dream, I faintly begin to feel as though you are just like that priestess.

I wonder, if I offered my feelings about you to the Sleeping Priestess, would I still keep having this dream? As I think in that manner, I continue each day to think of my parents and everyone in the village.

I wonder if you feel lonely since I selfishly left the village alone, the city taking priority. I have no idea when, but surely I will someday return to the village, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that we can be reunited.


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