A letter written from Kaname Ototsuki to Reika Kuze.

Transcript Edit

Miss Reika Yukishiro,

I hope you're well as always. Even though it's the end of autumn, the weather continues to be very warm.

Over the last few days, I've started having quite strange dreams. In them, I'm wandering through an old mansion of no specific era all by myself. Furthermore, I seem to continuously arrive at the same place over and over every single time.

Though it is the house of an old family, much more splendid than those in our hometown, for some reason it makes me feel nostalgic, but maybe that's just due to the wonder and curiosity of the dreams. Maybe it's something that everyone experiences a couple of times, but even after I wake up it leaves a vivid impression on me, so against my better judgement I decided to write it down here.

You must please give my best regards to everyone I couldn't properly say farewell to when I left the village. Like you said, not knowing the circumstances of my birth does indeed trouble me, but I feel an attachment to the place where I was raised that I can't express in words.

If it is all right, I would be happy to hear what you have been doing lately.

Kaname Ototsuki

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