A letter written from Kaname Ototsuki to Reika Kuze.

Transcript Edit

To my dearest Miss Reika,

Is there anything truly special about families connected by blood?

I couldn't love my parents, who have raised me to this age, any more than I do. But on the other hand, I suddenly begin to wonder what my real parents feel towards me now.

There were many things to consider about it, and it's a fact that they didn't keep me with them, but I don't blame them for it. At first, when I wanted to know just a little about those circumstances, my adoptive parents told me about the "customs" of my parents' home, and so I came here, but more than those feelings I quietly hoped that I could get closer to the feelings of the mother-like woman in the dream.

I might also explain about my city, but until then I feel that she is earnestly wishing to reunite with me, and I am frustrated by the fact that I cannot say anything more than about the dream.

Parting with someone and knowing you won't see them again is sometimes a similarly painful reality as death. So the sorrow of that parting, and giving some kind of shape to the emotions that have nowhere to go, seems to be important to people.

Since that woman who looked like a priestess appeared in my dream, it seems as though to some extent, my feelings are changing. Perhaps she is just a go-between, going back and forth between us.

Though we are thus, right now, living separate lives, thinking of a future in which we could someday reunite serves as somewhat of a distraction.

I'm sure I will return to the village soon, so please stay there and wait for me.


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