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The Himuro Intro serves as a tutorial chapter in Fatal Frame.

The player controls Mafuyu Hinasaki in his search of Junsei Takamine and his assistants. Since it's a flashback of the events of Mafuyu's journey in the Himuro Mansion, the screen will be displayed in black, gray and white colors during both cutscenes and gameplay, only displaying all the colors in the next nights where the current events occur and the player controls Miku Hinasaki, Mafuyu's younger sister, who goes in search of him after he went missing during the time he spent in the mansion.


Miku is narrating this part of the game. The player is first introduced to Mafuyu, and is able to play as him. Once he enters the Himuro Mansion, he found a notebook that belong to Mr. Takamine. He then had a flashback of Mr. Takamine, Koji, and Tomoe wandering in the Rope Hallway, behind them are hands about to grab them both. When Mr. Takamine look behind, there was nothing. Then Kirie appeared in a mirror and ends the flashback there. Then Mafuyu heard footsteps coming up the stairs, as he used the camera obscura a ghost appeared in front of him. Shocked by it, he took a picture and realised he can capture ghosts with the camera. As he wanders off to the Rope Hallway, Mafuyu then stop and look behind him. The screen then turns white. The intro then ends there.

Ghost EncountersEdit


  • This is the only time Mafuyu is a playable character.

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