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High Priest's Journal I
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AppearancesFatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

This is the first High Priest's Journal Mio Amakura finds in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. It is located in the Kurosawa house, in the Altar Room.


A journal found in the High Priest's residence. It says that the darkness from the * has become stronger.


The darkness from the * has become stronger. I have scouted the records, but can find no mention of the darkness having been this strong before. Perhaps it is caused by the recent spate of deaths owing to poor harvests in this village. Perhaps it is demanding compensation for the failure of the Tachibana ceremony. We have started looking for offerings in other villages, but we must hurry,

Half of the mourners have already been driven mad by the darkness and thrown themselves into the *. We must replace them with new mourners, criminals will have to be used. At this rate, it will only be a few short years before the * overflows. I have no choice. My daughters must be given as offerings. Sae and Yae's purification must begin at once.

For the sake of the village...

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