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The Handmaiden's Song, also known as the The Sleeping Priestess Song, The Subduing Song and The Pacifiers Song, is a special lullaby sung within the Kuze Shrine in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. The lullaby was performed by the young handmaidens of the shrine during the Impalement Ritual in order to soothe the pain of the Tattooed Priestess and lull her into a deep, endless sleep.

The song plays a prominent role throughout the game and can be heard both in full and excerpt inside the Manor of Sleep, as well as researched outside of Rei's dreams. The lyrics of the song hold very specific meanings and are symbolic of the actual rituals and traditions of the Kuze Shrine.



FFIV spirit stone radio1
Handmaiden's song in English
Handmaiden's Song full ENGLISH
Sleep, priestess, lie in peace
Sleep, priestess, lie in peace
If you cry, the boat you'll ride, the last trip to the other side,
Once you get there, sacred marks you'll bear,
They shall be peeled off, should you fail to lie still.
Sleep, priestess, lie in peace
Sleep, priestess, lie in peace
If the priestess wakes from her dream
Perform the rite of stakes, her limbs pinned tight
Lest the doors open wide and suffering unleashed on all.
Go to the other side
Go to the other side
Cast the boat, take a ride, cross the rift to the other side
Further and further to the other side,
It must sail bearing your tattoos and our offering of tears.


ねいりゃさよ  はたて
ねいりゃさよ  はたて
なくこは  かごぶね  ついのみち
いちわら  きざんで  おんめかし
ねいりゃせな  さかみはぎ

ねいりゃさよ  はたて
ねいりゃさよ  はたて
みこさん  あわいに  おきつけば
しせいぎ  うがつて  いみいのぎ
くもん  ひらいて  やすからず

ゆきなさよ  はたて
ゆきなさよ  はたて
ゆきぶね  ゆらして  はたて
このきし  ひらいて  はたて
ろうろう  みわたり  かのきしに
しせい  わたして  なくが  てあげ

Neiryasayo hatate
Neiryasayo hatate
Nakukowa kagobune tsuinomichi
Ichiwara kizande onmekashi
Neiryasena sakamihagi

Neiryasayo hatate
Neiryasayo hatate
Mikosan awaini okitsukeba
Shiseigi ugatte imiinogi
Kumon hiraite yasukarazu

Yukinasayo hatate
Yukinasayo hatate
Yukibune yurashite hatate
Konokishi hiraite hatate
Rourou miwatari kanokishini
Shisei watashite nakuga teage

FFIV spirit stone radio1
2nd verse excerpt in Japanese
Handmaiden's Song excerpt JAPANESE

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