Girl Pointing
Japanese name氷室 霧絵
Romaji nameYubisasu Shōjo
Other namesGirl in a White Kimono
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorUnknown
OccupationRope Shrine Maiden (Kirie's half)
Cause of deathStrangling Ritual
Encountered inNarukami Shrine, Banned Path, Moon Well, Dungeon, Hell Gate
FamilyHimuro Family
AppearancesFatal Frame
Voice actorUnknown
Jap. voice actorUnknown

Don't forget your duty!

—White Kimono to her malice-free older self, reminding her to keep the Hell Gate closed

Girl Pointing is a non-hostile female spirit in Fatal Frame.




A spirit is behind Miku.

 This ghost is the benevolent side of Kirie Himuro's spirit. She acts as a guide for Miku Hinasaki, giving her clues on how to break the mansion's curse.

When Kirie was about 7 years old, she was chosen to become the next Rope Shrine Maiden by means of a game called Demon Tag. Kirie was the last girl to be caught and so was taken into seclusion and raised to be the Rope Shrine Maiden. Due to her conflicting emotions in adulthood, Kirie's ritual failed, causing the Malice to escape from the Hell Gate and possess her. It was then that Kirie's older and younger self split in two.

The younger spirit of Kirie was good and free of Malice, and sought to fulfill her duty as the Rope Shrine Maiden. It was she whom originally gave the Camera Obscura to Mikoto Munakata, and she can be seen alongside Mikoto and her friends in photos taken with the camera. She later led Mikoto away from the manor, thus saving her from Long Arms and the other malicious spirits trapped within the mansion.

She also appeared to Tomoe Hirasaka asking for help, when the Novelist's group arrived at the mansion, and attempted to lead Tomoe towards things likely to save her from the curse.

Fatal FrameEdit

Girl Pointing to Miku

The Pointing Girl guiding Miku

When Miku enters the mansion, Little Kirie again asks for help to break the curse. With her help, Miku is able to put the pieces of the Holy Mirror back together and purify Kirie's spirit. Little Kirie reminds her older self not to forget her duty, and the two merge, again becoming whole.

She plays an important role in Fatal Frame, when Miku first entered the Himuro Mansion, she appeared right behind her, then later on reveals herself. She helps Miku by pointing to where she needs to go. In the 3rd Night, right where Kirie was about to kill Miku, she helped her just in time.


  • She is the first non-hostile ghost in the Fatal Frame series.
  • She is encountered around Himuro Mansion numerous times.