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Former Rope Shrine Maiden
Japanese name
Romaji name
Other names
AgeAround 16 - 17 (Estimated)
Hair colorBlack/Brown (?)
Eye colorUnknown
OccupationRope Shrine Maiden/Corrupted Spirit
Cause of deathStrangling Ritual
Encountered inNight 3 (Random Encounter Ghost), Rope Altar (Night 4), Baptismal Path (Final Night)
AppearancesFatal Frame
Voice actor
Jap. voice actor

Former Rope Shrine Maiden is a hostile female spirit in Fatal Frame.

She was successfully sacrificed in the Strangling Ritual at the Himuro Mansion prior to Kirie Himuro's failed ritual. She is first encountered during either the 3rd Night, as a random encounter ghost, or at the end of the Final Night in the room where she was sacrificed, and again on the Baptismal Path to the Hell Gate before the final fight with Kirie.


Below is displayed the ghost's info according to the game's official guidebook.

Night 3Edit

  • HP: 200
  • Attack power: D
  • Movement: C
  • Location: random
  • Profile: A Rope Shrine Maiden from before Kirie. Though she died a long time ago, she returned with the Malice and roams around, begging the living for help.

Final NightEdit

First appearanceEdit

  • HP: 160
  • Attack power: A
  • Movement: C
  • Location: Rope Altar
  • Profile: A Rope Shrine Maiden from before Kirie. Her attack power is high, but she doesn't move around much, which makes it easy to photograph her. She sometimes warps.

Second appearanceEdit

  • HP: 350
  • Attack power: A
  • Movement: S
  • Location: Baptismal Path
  • Profile: The most agile ghost of them all. Don't be fooled by her teleportation-like movements.


  • The former Rope Shrine Maiden could be Kizuna Himuro as Miku encounters her spirit in the third game, while the House of Sleep is using her previous experiences and memories from Fatal Frame.
  • During the battle in the Rope Altar and random encounters during the 3rd Night, this is a very weak ghost who hardly moves at all. In the final fight with her on the Baptism Path, she is much more aggressive and faster.
  • Fans speculate that this ghost might be Long Arms' daughter.

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