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Folk Scholar's Writings IX
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AppearancesFatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

This is the ninth Folk Scholar's Writings Mio Amakura finds in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.


The journal of a folk scholar. It describes what happened to him after he was imprisoned.


My jailor remains tight-lipped, and has yet to say a single word to me.

It's very different to the way I was treated when I first came to the village.

Is this the real reason I was invited here?

My cell is well-stocked with books, at least, including some seemingly important works that I have not seen before.

This incarceration will be a good opportunity to deepen my research.

Even if no one will ever get a chance to read it.

The Abyss

No one knows exactly how long it has been here, but it has connected this world to the underworld since ancient times. A great disaster is said to take place whenever it is unsealed.

I believe this abyss is in fact the gateway to hell that's mentioned in local legends. It is considered a taboo word in ancient texts, indicated with the symbol *, and it is said that only the suffering of those sacrificed has the power to seal this abyss.


Those people guard the abyss and make preparations for the ceremony.

They are the only ones allowed to approach the abyss.

In this year that the ceremony is held, those who are to become mourners have their eyes sewn shut, so that they don't have to look into the abyss. Those who break village rules by looking into the abyss are also often made to become mourners.

When the ceremony is over, the mourners are sent to live underground, never returning to the surface.

What could the abyss possibly contain that the villagers would go to such lengths to guard it?

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