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Floating Woman
9 Floating Woman
Japanese name
Romaji name
Other names
Hair colorNone
Eye colorUnknown
Cause of deathUnknown
Encountered inVarious Locations
AppearancesFatal Frame
Voice actorUnknown
Jap. voice actorUnknown

Floating Woman is a hostile female spirit in Fatal Frame. Much like Wandering Man little is known about her, other than she was already dead before the Calamity happened and it gave her the ability to return to the land of the living, she now wanders Himuro Mansion, looking for living persons she can drag with her into the Land of the Dead.


Below is displayed the ghost's info according to the game's official guidebook.

Night 1Edit

First appearancesEdit

  • HP: 150
  • Attack power: D
  • Movement: C
  • Location: Grand Hall, Walkway
  • Profile: A dead person who returned during the Calamity. Now a part of Himuro Mansion's curse, she wanders around, looking for living people to drag into the land of the dead.

Random appearancesEdit

  • HP: 150
  • Attack power: D
  • Movement: C
  • Location: random
  • Profile: A ghost who appears all over Himuro Mansion and attacks Miku. However, since her attack power is low, she is good for gaining points.

Night 2Edit

  • HP: 250
  • Attack power: D
  • Movement: B
  • Location: random
  • Profile: Her comparatively low HP and agility from the first night have nearly doubled. Like before, you may have a hard time with her.

Night 3Edit

  • HP: 300
  • Attack power: D
  • Movement: B
  • Location: random
  • Profile: Compared to her appearance during night 1, her HP and agility have roughly doubled. You should be able to use the same tactics as before.

Final NightEdit

  • HP: 300
  • Attack power: C
  • Movement: B
  • Location: Hell Bridge
  • Profile: Attacks as a set with Wandering Man. She moves quickly, so if you lose her for a second, quickly turn around.

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