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Doll Room

The Doll Room is a setting in Fatal Frame. It is a room in the Himuro Mansion in Fatal Frame. It can only be entered through the Cherry Atrium and can be accessed once the seal is removed by taking a picture of the water wheel in the Abyss.


The room is lined with tables covered in dolls. On the 1st Night, there is a large hole in the middle of the room; however, on the 2nd Night, the hole is completely gone.

On the First Night, Miku must first go to the Abyss and take a photo of the water wheel to break the seal on the door to the room. Once she enters and takes a photo of the Child Onlooker spirit to break the seal on the door to the Stairway, it will trigger a cutscene and the Crawling Girl will attack. Once she is defeated, Miku may leave the room and continue her exploration in Himuro Mansion.

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