Demon Tag Ritual
Demon Tag Ritual
Japanese name鬼遊びの儀式
Romaji nameoni asobi no gi shiki
Other namesN/A
Location(s)Himuro Mansion
Participants7 year old girls & Blinded Maiden
FrequencyEvery 10 years on November 26
PurposeTo select the new Blinded Maiden and Rope Shrine Maiden
GameFatal Frame

The Demon Tag Ritual, also known as the Blind Demon Ritual, is a smaller ritual in Fatal Frame, performed in preparation for the Blinding and Strangling Ritual to be performed ten years later. It is performed on November 26th of the year. Like the Blinding Ritual, this ceremony also requires the participation of the Blinded Maiden and Blinding Mask.

Demon Tag is used in Fatal Frame as the means of choosing the new Blinded Maiden and Rope Shrine Maiden.



Girls at the age of 7 years, 9 months, and 25 days are gathered at the mansion into an undisclosed location to play the game. The newly Blinded Maiden is also present as she is wearing the Blinding Mask while present.

The RitualEdit

The ritual is carried out like a normal game of Demon Tag. The game is played until all the participants are caught by the Blinded Maiden.

All of the children hide, and the previous Blinded Maiden searches for them. The first child found is to be the next Blinded Maiden, and the last found is to be the next Rope Shrine Maiden. The last child is to be the Rope Shrine Maiden because, with them being able to hide so well for so long, they were considered to have the highest spiritual power.

It is uncertain whether the Clock Boy, Crawling Girl and Girl in the Well ghosts are a part of this type of Demon Tag or not.


Roles are given to the girls that get caught by the Blinded Maiden in a specific order.

Blinded Maiden - The first girl caught is prepared to be the next Blinded Maiden.

Rope Shrine Maiden - The last girl caught is prepared to be the next Rope Shrine Maiden. She is thought to have 'Holy Power' because she was able to evade the 'demon' (Blinded) for the longest time.


  • This version of the game is similar to the Western game Blind Man's Bluff, in which the person that is the 'demon', or "it" (in this case Blinded Maiden), must catch those trying to avoid them.

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