The Cutting Ritual being performed.

The Cutting Ritual is a ritual in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, performed on a Kusabi before being offered to the Hellish Abyss.

In the ritual, the Kusabi is held up by a series of ropes in the Rope Room deep within the Kurosawa House, and is repeatedly slashed and mutilated by the Veiled Priests before being carried through the Stone Passage to the Hellish Abyss where they are eventually sacrificed. It is believed that the more the Kusabi suffers during the Cutting Ritual, the more it pacifies the Abyss.

The first Cutting Ritual was performed by the Head Priest of the time. He repeatedly slashed and mutilated himself before throwing himself into the Abyss. That was how the Cutting Ritual and Hidden Ceremony began. The Hidden Ceremony fails, however, if the Kusabi dies during the Cutting Ritual, and the cutting ritual will possibly fail.

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