Clock Boy
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Clock Boy is a hostile male spirit in Fatal Frame. He was encountered in the 2nd Night: Demon Tag. He was a friend of Mikoto, until one night where he and Mikoto along with a few other children play Demon Tag. He decided to hide behind the clock, but the ghost Long Arms grabbed him, leading his fate to death.


Clock Boy will come towards Miku and attack her. After he vanishes, he will say "over here" and appeared behind Miku or on top of the beam.


Below is displayed the ghost's info according to the game's official guidebook.

Night 2Edit

  • HP: 300
  • Attack power: C
  • Movement: C
  • Location: Fireplace
  • Profile: Like the girl in the well and crawling girl on the other page, he was a friend of Mikoto's. He continues to play Demon Tag.


  • After he is defeated, an old scrap is found near the clock. It reads about Clock Boy wondering about if Mikoto likes him.
  • After his spirit was defeated, Clock Boy's last words were "I have to give that mirror to that man".

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