Ceremony of Ropes
Ceremony of Ropes
Japanese name御縛りの儀式
Romaji namesaki nawa no gi shiki
Other namesRope Ritual
Location(s)Himuro Mansion
ParticipantsHimuro Family Master & Himuro Family Priests
FrequencyEvery 10 years on December 13
PurposeTo seal the Hell Gate
GameFatal Frame

The Ceremony of Ropes is the ceremony that is performed to bind the Hell Gate. The ceremony uses the Laceration Ropes created from the Strangling Ritual. The Ceremony of Ropes is performed immediately following the Strangling Ritual.



A Rope Shrine Maiden is sacrificed in the Strangling Ritual to produce Laceration Rope. After the rope is created, the Ceremony of Ropes begins.


After the limbs of the Rope Shrine Maiden has been torn off and her ropes are stained with her blood, the Ceremony Master and the Himuro Family Priests remove the bloody ropes from her body, raise them in the air to bless them, and then bind them across the doors of the Hell Gate. This seals it for approximately 10 more years.


The Hell Gate is sealed and the Calamity is prevented.

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