Hozuki Doll - Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar EclipseEdit


Hozuki Doll

"These Red clad dolls are a traditional gift on Rougetsu Island Archipelago. They were originally created as a gift during memorial services to parents who had lost a child. Normally these dolls are seen as cursed but on Rougetsu Island they are not viewed this way and are instead placed in various locations as a custom to honor children that have died on the island."
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These cute little dolls in Fatal Frame 4 when photographed will cause a creepy face to appear on your screen followed by a child laughing, the image will fade and the game resumes with no ill effects as photographing the doll releases the soul of the child trapped within. While collecting photographs of the dolls do not affect the outcome of the game, you use them to unlock costumes and special lenses. 

The ListEdit

  1. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 1F, Kunihiko Asou Museum, across from the display case, under the desk.
  2. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 1F, entrance hall, behind the counter.
  3. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 1F, hallway outside Kunihiko Asou Museum, in between closed curtains.
  4. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 1F, Dining Room, in the fireplace behind the projector screen.
  5. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 1F, in the hallway just outside the Dining Room door, in the shelf by the rubble.
  6. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 1F, Library connected to the Kunihiko Asou Museum, on the bookshelf opposite the door.
  7. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 1F, Storeroom under first floor staircase, in a cardboard box.
  8. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 1F, Courtyard, by the window of the changing room.
  9. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 2F, Second Floor Management Office, under the desk by the back (near the fallen chair).
  10. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 2F, Room 203, in the clock above the bed.
  11. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 2F, Room 206, in the potted plant, to the left of the entrance.
  12. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 2F, hallway between rooms 206 and 207, on the shelf.
  13. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 2F, Room 207, behind another doll on a shelf left of the entrance, behind the screen.
  14. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 2F, Room with Canopied Bed connected to Room 207, on the ceiling beam close to the entrance.
  15. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 2F, Hidden Room, in the gap under the bedsheets on the floor.
  16. Doll - Rougetsu Hall B1F, Stairs to Basement, on the middle shelf.
  17. Doll - Rougetsu Hall B1F, Water Storage Management Office, floating in the water.
  18. Doll - Rougetsu Hall B1F, Breaker Room, in the corner by the ceiling.
  19. Doll - Rougetsu Hall B1F, Shrine of Mourning entrance (Purification Path), connected to the Power Supply Room, located near the ceiling.
  20. Doll - Rougetsu Hall B1F, Shrine of Mourning, cell on the right side.
  21. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, Elevator Hall, near the wheelchair, behind the screen (go halfway down the stairs).
  22. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, hallway leading to rooms 308309 and Room 310, behind the broken mirror on the dresser.
  23. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, Third Floor Management Office, on top of locker.
  24. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, hallway right of elevator room, on the left side ledge.
  25. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, hallway leading to Room 311, in a hole in the wall.
  26. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, Room 308, on the floor between bed and windows.
  27. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, Room 309, by the foot of the bathtub.
  28. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, Room 310, in the bin in the corner of the room.
  29. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, Room 311, in the bouquet of roses to the right of the door.
  30. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 3F, Gallery, behind a painting on the floor.
  31. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 4F, Elevator Hall, in the chandelier.
  32. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 4F, hallway to isolation room, on the ceiling bars.
  33. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 4F, hallway before isolation room, ceiling opening.
  34. Doll - Rougetsu Hall 4F, Room 412, in the greenhouse looking through window to bedroom, by the right curtain.
  35. Doll - Hallway connecting Old Hall and New Hall, on a branch outside the window.
  36. Doll - Hospital 1F, Examining Room, on the bench to the right of the entrance.
  37. Doll - Hospital 1F, Reception, right corner.
  38. Doll - Hospital 1F, Medical Records Office, inside the curtained alcove on a stepladder.
  39. Doll - Hospital 1F, Doctor's Office, on a shelf in a cardboard box.
  40. Doll - Hospital 1F, Surgical Preparation Room, on wall, inside a vent.
  41. Doll - Hospital 1F, Operating Threatre, on the floor beside a stretcher on the same side as the sink.
  42. Doll - Hospital 1F, Archive, on the back shelf in a container.
  43. Doll - Hospital 1F, outside Entrance, on top of the well.
  44. Doll - Hospital 1F, Backyard, left side of cemetery on a gravestone.
  45. Doll - Hospital 2F, Doctor's Office, right side of entrance outside window.
  46. Doll - Hospital 2F, medical ward's narrow passage, in the dark corner on the wheelchair.
  47. Doll - Hospital 2F, Laundry Room Hallway, in the back shelf.
  48. Doll - Hospital 2F, Ward 2 in a cubby hole near the floor.
  49. Doll - Hospital 2F, Ward 1, on a hospital bed.
  50. Doll - Hospital 2F, Lounge , in a trash can in the corner.
  51. Doll - Hospital 3F, Roof, in between the bench and wall.
  52. Doll - Hospital 3F, Warehouse, on the side of the wall behind broken mirror.
  53. Doll - Hospital B1F, gated area, near stairs to 1st floor, behind wheelchair.
  54. Doll - Hospital B1F, construction dead-end in the wooden box.
  55. Doll - Hospital B1F, Morgue, inside the incinerator.
  56. Doll - Hospital B2F, Laboratory, in a cardboard box underneath the stairs.
  57. Doll - Hospital elevator. Take the elevator between B1 and B2 to see it through the elevator doors.
  58. Doll - Rougetsu Tunnels, up the stairs, in a ceiling hole, closest to the turn.
  59. Doll - Lunar Eclipse Hall, Dais, under stairs.
  60. Doll - Lunar Eclipse Hall, Antechamber, to the right of the altar by the candles.
  61. Doll - In the temple, collapsed area, beside door.
  62. Doll - Lunar Eclipse Hall, hallway connecting to the Hall of the Conscious Mind, first window on left.
  63. Doll - Yomotsuki House, Guest Room, on the doll shelf near the ceiling.
  64. Doll - Yomotsuki House, Apprentice's Room, in the open cupboard.
  65. Doll - Yomotsuki House, Entrance Hall, in shoe cupboard by telephone.
  66. Doll - Yomotsuki House, In the dresser by back wall of courtyard-facing room.
  67. Doll - Yomotsuki House, hallway leading upstairs, outside window on tree branch.
  68. Doll - Yomotsuki HouseRuka's Room, on the floor under the bed.
  69. Doll - Yomotsuki HouseSayaka's Room, beside wall and bed.
  70. Doll - Yomotsuki House, Family Head's Room, in a jar in the corner.
  71. Doll - Lunar Underworld, front gate - right hand side (before entering Misaki's last area)
  72. Doll - Lunar Underworld, front gate - right hand side (after entering).
  73. Doll - Hall of the Conscious Mind, Altar Room, behind the altar on the right.
  74. Doll - Hall of the Conscious Mind, mask-making workshop, by the table on the right wall.
  75. Doll - Meditation Cave, Dark Path, first left turn at the first fork by dead end.
  76. Doll - Tsukuyomi Beach, behind a pile of rocks.
  77. Doll - Tsukuyomi Peninsula Lighthouse, after the battle with the third ghost, inside the lighthouse, take the collapsed staircase.
  78. Doll - Tsukuyomi Peninsula Lighthouse, light platform, under the railings beside where the ghost was standing.
  79. Doll - Tsukimori Shrine, after battle, right side of organ shrine.


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