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Butterfly Diary 2
Japanese name{{{japanese name}}}
Romaji name
File typeNotebook
DescriptionAn old diary, decorated with a crimson butterfly. It mentions a scholar who must be saved.
Author/OwnerYae and Sae Kurosawa
LocationKurosawa House/Master's Room
AppearancesFatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Butterfly Diary 2 is a notebook found in Kurosawa House/Master's Room in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. It is a diary with a crimson butterfly, about freeing the scholar.


I was wrong. It's just like Itsuki said.

Munakata's teacher is going to be a ✻(✻). This has to stop!

People like Mutsuki shouldn't have to die. I have to do something. A Veiled Priest took one of the cell keys to the rope temple.


It seems father plans to make that man a ✻(✻). Even though he's Munakata's teacher! I know one cell key is hidden in father's bookshelves.

To keep the ✻ appeased, there's only one thing to do. If we perform the Crimson Sacrifice, perhaps people won't suffer like this...


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